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Michael Spitzer

Michael Spitzer is a scientist by profession who has also been interested in fitness since the 1970s. In recent years, scores of people have sought Mike’s advice on losing weight and getting in better shape as they pass the midlife point of 40 years old. As the number of success stories has grown, many people have urged him to write a detailed “How To” book describing the science of aging and how the proper combination of diet and exercise can transform even older bodies in as little as 16 weeks. Thirty-five years of personal experience was combined with new research to look past the false promises, miracle products, and TV infomercials and provide readers with the real road to better health. In his book, Fitness at 40,50,60 and Beyond, Michael explains the truth about weight loss and improved fitness for people over age 40.

Posts by Michael Spitzer:

  • Podcast: Fitness At 40, 50, 60 And Beyond

  • August 5th, 2014
    Listen Here: Michael Spitzer is the author of the new book Fitness at 40,50, 60 and Beyond. And if you saw the cover of this book, you would be shocked to learn that the people pictured are around 50 years old! In fact, [...]