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Podcast: 7 Ways Women Get In Their Own Way Of Their Inner Diva

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Podcast: 7 Ways Women Get In Their Own Way Of Their Inner DivaLeslie Ungar from Electric Impulse Communications, and author of 100 tips in 100 Days-How to Communicate your Competitive Edge, is here to reveal the 7 ways women get in their own way of their inner diva and defines just what a diva really is.  Leslie has unique take on women and for women. She is going to tell us – her tips can apply to some men too – how to take back your power, be heard and get results.

7 Ways Women Get In Their Own Way Of Their Inner Diva

  • What gets in the way of women’s success?
  • What is one thing that women can do today to help them be more successful?
  • So you have identified seven way women get in their own way-can you quickly share those with us?
  • What is the biggest mistake women make in their communication or leadership choices?
  • Why don’t we hear much about women’s role in their own success?

To learn more about Leslie Ungar, Electric Impulse Comunications, and her perspective on DIVA’S and pop culture on her website, and her blog:

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