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Bill Cosby vs. The Phenomenon Of The Goddess Rising

Bill Cosby vs. The Phenomenon Of The Goddess RisingAs we all know by now, Bill Cosby has been accused by many women including a former super-model who claim that over the years he drugged and raped them.

This story has even been parsed by an astrological colleague who was showing why, after so many years of eluding consequences for his behavior, Cosby was now vulnerable to accusations, and indicating how Cosby’s horoscope was cycling to an apparent time-frame that called karma to the forefront and was triggered by a comedian’s rant whose horoscope lent itself to being the prompt for Cosby’s predicament.

All that being said, there is something else at work here, and that is the great cycles of the ages that are causing dramatic shifts in humanity, especially as affects power held between the sexes, and which gender is in ascendancy during which cycle.

The current cycle is The Age of Aquarius. 

These ages, lasting more than 2,000 years each, are tied to the astronomical Precession of the Equinoxes.  Each age is colored by the meanings of that zodiac sign.  Although the subject is too long for this post, suffice it to say that the last few ages – Aries the Ram and Pisces the Fish – represented, among other things, a change away from matriarchal society focused upon nature (e.g., Crete and its culture of the Bull), and shifting instead towards male domination.  This deep swing was embodied by the warrior culture of Rome, and in the Hebrew symbol of the ram’s horn.  Many institutions for the 2000 years of the Age of Aries and the 2000 years of the Age of Pisces put men into power in religious institutions, in monarchies, and for the most part even in the family.  For long eons, the father’s word was the law, and females did not have much say in their destiny, not to mention in world doings or government decisions etc.

Comes along The Age of Aquarius, and this dynamic is meant to shift.  Male domination, also called patriarchy, is now required to give way to a more Aquarius sensibility, that of democratization between the sexes.  We see career women striving to break through the glass ceiling; we see cultures in which men are happy to stay home and nurture the children while the wife goes out to work; and we see deep and intense struggles in heavily male dominated cultures such as the Mid-East, parts of Africa, and South America, for women to assert themselves, utilize their skills, provide an important role in family economics, and in many cases come into political power.

Some cultures see this as a great threat to their beliefs and system (in parts of the Mideast) while other cultures embrace this new dynamic (Scandinavia).  Nevertheless, all that has just been described about the Age of Aquarius represents a force known as Yin Rising.  Between Yin and Yang, Yin is the feminine while Yang is the masculine.

This age is not meant to echo former ages where the matriarch ruled; this age is meant to embody equality between the sexes, and so it will come to be despite holdouts.

Let’s get back to Bill Cosby.  He is a typical representative of a powerful male who is using his role, his money, and even his sway over the media (one of our culture’s institutions) to act dastardly and expect a free ride, never being called into account for his atrocious behavior against women.  This has worked for quite a while.  But the tide is turning.  It is women who are challenging this subtle age-old power structure.

Yes, call a rapist out, and ask the law to address it.  But more so, find the guts and the empowerment to stand up to this egregious and passé system of male unaccountability in order to build a healthier new world in an Aquarian new age.  Females around the globe are starting to embrace their true power and see the Goddess reflected in themselves as they do so.  Yin is rising and will continue to do so for at least the next 2000 years.

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