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How Eggplant Can Help You Deal With Difficult People

Like eggplant, some people can be bitter and difficult to enjoy.

No matter what you say or do, it never makes them happy. They are miserable and try to share a taste of their bitterness with anyone that comes near.

But there is hope…There once was a time in my life that I was miserable. I hated myself; I hated life; and I did not like eggplant!  Then when I was truly so tired with how I felt and how I was living my life, I used my power of choice to get happy. I learned how to deal with the difficult people in my life and how to make a delicious eggplant stack recipe.

Here is what I learned:

5 Observable Actions of Bitter Eggplant People:

  • Have a negative outlook while others try to be positive in difficult situations.
  • Cannot control their emotions and create drama.
  • Act like a victim and wants others to feel sorry for them.
  • Constantly talks about their problems, and does not inquire about you.
  • Hang around other miserable people.

5 Tips and Insights for Dealing with Difficult People:

  • Keep in mind, that 90% of what someone says is about them, which means only 10% is about you. There are a lot of self-absorbed people with a low self-esteem. They only talk about themselves and hardly ever ask you a question about you and your life. Try not to take these people personally…it’s all about them.
  • People with low self-esteem love to gossip and make fun of people. This makes them feel superior to stroke their own self-esteem. They are pointing out your faults (real and not for real faults) instead of fixing their own. Ignore them and do not participate in the gossip. 99% of gossip is false information anyway.
  • Do not rise to their level of yelling and screaming. Keep your cool.
  • Most important, if someone continues to treat you with disrespect after you have set clear boundaries remove or distance them from your close circles. You deserve to be treated better. If you do not take this important step, you are the person who is now responsible for allowing the situation to keep happening in YOUR life.
  • Seek relationships with positive, giving, easy-to-get-along-with people.

Whoever the difficult person is in your life or workplace, you are probably fueled by negative emotions, anxiety and stress when you interact with them. Your own well-being and performance are being jeopardized. You do not have to live that way anymore. Keep in mind that you cannot change others. You can only change yourself. You can choose to respond differently each time you deal with a difficult person.  And sometimes, you may have to accept that you can no longer be around your difficult person, and that you will never like eggplant.  While accepting this may be difficult to do, it will be necessary for your happiness. There is always a recipe for happiness.

It’s never too late to cook up a great life!

Nancy Stampahar is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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