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Playful Power Of Leaping

sandy nelson, jenningswire, play, relax, let loose, free, fun, carefree, If you can’t think of something playful to do – jump!

Your impact will be felt somewhere. In one place you’ll push air out and in another vacuum it in. Amazing! Be the creative playful pump.

We have a universal impact on the world, the people around us, and our environment. Nothing new here, however, if you can see it from a creator’s point of view, you can pump up the creative energy and who knows what amazing things can happen?

The easiest way I know to bump out action is to play.

That’s right be silly, move about, collect the best stuff, be a great story or whack a ball. Play doesn’t have the same requirements of other activities but it’s one of the most important you’ll ever do. So figure out how you play and then get right into playing.

Don’t have time to play? So you say… When I ask folks how much time they spent playing they answer “I dunno probably a couple of hours.” Yet when they check the time it’s usually minutes. Play warps time and that’s part of its magic. Even just a few minutes spent at play will create the intended benefits.

Want creative inspiration? Find something that you like and play with it.

Rearrange your fruit bowl in some amazing stack. Or just fiddle with something and see what comes of it. Shake your keys to a tune. Grab your smartphone and snap a few unrelated photos. Then use them to write a story or make a collage. Dress completely differently for a day. Turn on music and move.

Want a tip to make it easier to play? Get off the phone. Turn off the computer and TV. Real play requires face time with yourself.

Now about making that impact.

You may never know what you’re setting in motion or where it moves, but that’s just magical! Have you ever laughed at someone else’s funniness? It felt good and you carried that feeling forward. Now it’s your turn to give out something energetically inspiring.

When you play you give out your best self in the form of your truest nature. Don’t hold back, give till you’re empty. You’ll fill up again quickly. You have something uniquely special to gift.  Share your laughter and propel your creativity with play. Playtime is contagious!

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire. is created by National Publicist, Annie Jennings of the NYC based PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR.  Annie Jennings PR specializes in marketing books for getting authors booked on radio talk show interviews, TV shows in major online and in high circulation magazines and newspapers. Annie also works with speaker and experts to build up powerful platforms of credibility and influence.

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