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Want To Live Your Life With GUSTO?

Enjoying LifeDo you make a choice, each day, to seize the moment, every single moment?

There is an enormous difference between just existing and being fully, joyfully consciously alive.  To live with passion is to really accept and embrace the precious gift of being alive.  A few suggestions to help live with abundance and fulfillment are:

Look for miracles – take chances

Accept that the only person whose life and happiness we have control over is our own.

Don’t live by fear – why not take a leap of faith and really mean it. Take action. Follow your heart. Don’t spend so much of your time and energy on things that really do not make a big difference at the end of the day. Explore your passions. Let yourself be happy and laugh out loud. Choose to be grateful each day and you will find more and more blessings pop into your life. Be present in the moment.

One you decide not to spend your life just going through the motions and you make a commitment to develop your ability to live your life in the moment, you will find that gusto.

No matter how many challenges you face day-to-day, the only worthwhile way is to live with passion.

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