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Social Media is “Not Working”? Got Solution.

Social Media is "Not Working"? Got Solution.We live in a world of posts, likes, follows and content.

Within that window we are constantly being directed to be the best voice, have the best content and build that ever-illusive audience. We become a part of a social media wheel that is constantly turning faster and faster with the rules ever changing, addiction sets in and we are often dragged about getting “no results” from our social media efforts.  Yet the crafters of social media are getting richer and richer, their numbers are growing and their personal empires are expanding exponentially.  So what do we do when our social media “isn’t working?”  Here is the four letter solution – stop.  Yes, stop social media and do you.

When you begin to do you, social media will start working.

The reason why social media works for those that designed the platform from which most of the world has become followers is because they set a goal for their platform and achieved it using the masses.  They use the masses to build numbers, numbers build massive audiences and massive audiences bring advertisers.  Advertisers bring financial wealth to those that designed the platform.  The big picture here is to established goals for your social media.  When I started doing me I saw one of my social media platforms rise from 79 followers to  86,000 followers.  How did I do that?  I started doing me. Get off the treadmill, stop the spinning and figure out what your long-term goals are for spending countless hours in the online universe giving away bits and pieces of your brilliant mind for the sake of building someone else’s empire.  I’m happy to say that my social media works. I – do me.  If you’re looking for some simple ways to do you feel free to contact me.

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  1. Lovie says:

    After reading the comments above, I know that I can echo a lot of these same sentiments. I met Ann about nine years ago when I was a ter/heacprincipal in North Battleford. She was always friendly, helpful and thoughtful to me. I knew this was a special lady and one that comes along once in a long while. Be proud of your mother and know that she was an inspiration to many. I was also shocked to read her story in the paper. So, I just wanted to send this message and let you know what a wonderful person your mother was.

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