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The Bare Naked Brand

To become a successful entrepreneur in business, you must creatively design a brand that you love.

When you love it..others will love it too. Your professional and personal brand is a reflection of who you are. You have to engage your audience with a wide range of experiences both in your social and web presence.

Many of us believe that creation of a brand identity is not important, but it is the most authentic and productive strategy you can implement in your business. There are grave consequences for not branding properly or not all. People are wanting an opportunity to experience you and dig deeper into what have to offer. When you do not deliver on that exploration you are doing yourself and your business and disservice.

It is important that you are in constant transformation and growth of an amazing brand.

Don’t confuse us with your brand! Tell us who you are! Let us experience you!

A picture..still tells a thousand words. Take pretty/handsome pictures.

Tell us you are, who you came for, how to interact with you and how to explore you more.

Format engaging copy, content, color, and connection.

Don’t overly sell to us. Tell us you are just like us and that it is your pleasure to serve us.

Delight our senses with your creativity.

You have to be concise and consistent.

We should see traces of your everywhere.

Be an expert and prove it to us that you know what the hell you are talking about.

Be bold, be daring, be amazing, be bare naked!

You have a product, service, or a concept that must get out to the world and it is up to you that it might be received by as many people as possible. Your brand is not good if only you get it. You didn’t come for everyone..precision is key.

Who is your market?

Let your words, hashtags, blogs, and the rest of your identity affirm your ability to be the answer to the deficit of that market.

Make us fall in love with you and what you are selling.

Make us trust you with your brand.  People do not buy into concepts, but into people they “know.” If you are not are destroying a brand that I assumed I would have the pleasure of now you have advertised yourself falsely. When we see you..we know you are awesome. Do not let your audience dig into cyberspace and learn that their first thought was not real ! You still only get one chance to make a great impression. Take risk to design a brand identity you love!

DaRhonda Williams is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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