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How Do You Define Thanks?

How Do You Define Thanks?Gratitude in action starts with feeling your own thankfulness then encourages you to put it in action.

The following is one perspective on giving thanks and what you can do to keep it in motion.

T is for Time– Be thankful for time. Having this moment to live is a blessing. Pause for this moment and feel all the things that will come because of it. How can you direct your time and make it count towards the things you want to create? Can you spare some time to interact with someone else?

H is for Happiness – Be grateful you can feel joy. Not everyone can be happy so count your blessing if you can be happy right now. Give some happiness away by helping someone else find their joy. Use your creativity and figure out simple ways to invite a little joy into their life.  Try a simple smile and ask, “Hello how is your day going?” If you have happiness in your life to be thankful and share a bit, it’s often contagious and feels much better than catching the flu.

A is for Anger – No I’m not kidding. Be especially grateful for your anger. First it gives you the gift of identification around all the things that need attention in your life. The things that irritate also motivate change. You can’t address what you don’t know and you can’t change what you don’t know is broken. So enjoy the fact that seeing red is a gift and humbly accept it. Be patient with those around you who are angry because they are in the midst of learning and change.

N is for Noise – I mean the kind of head chatter form which your ideas evolve. The chaos of your monkey brain is a gift of creativity. Interrupt the racket and say a bold thanks, and encourage others to do the same.

K is for Kite strings – Be thankful for the loose ends that gather your network and bring the electricity that sparks your creativity. Gratefully acknowledge the people and opportunities that connect you to your creativity.

S is for Sins – Say a big thanks for the road signs of your growth. Remarkably our flaws connect us to one another, and define our humanity. Show compassionate gratitude for your own and the sins of others and strive to find the creative links that hide within sinful action.

Take this moment and say thanks. Take the next and creatively share your gratitude with someone.

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire. is created by National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR that specializes in providing book marketing strategies to self-published and traditionally published authors. Annie Jennings PR books authors, speakers and experts on major top city radio talk shows that broadcast to the heart of the market, on local, regionally syndicated and national TV shows and on influential online media and in prestigious print magazines and newspapers.

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