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Buyer Beware: Is It A Distrustful Or Distasteful App?

Malicious applications.

Categorized as viruses, they are generally developed by criminals with the intention of gathering personal information to commit some form of identity theft.

Currently, there are upwards of approximately 40,000 malicious applications targeting mobile devices running the Android operating system.

Google Play, Google’s official app store, is responsible for vetting applications before they are released to the public to make sure they aren’t malicious viruses. Unfortunately, some applications slip by, which is why mobile users still need antivirus protection for their devices.

Distrustful applications don’t usually make it too far. However, some of these applications do—sometimes far enough that engineered higher ratings emerge, further duping users. It’s hard to say how a distasteful application can end up being rated so high when so many people obviously are offended by it.

Take, for example, this application. One commenter states with a five-star rating, “Haha so good! This app is amazing! Unlike the other talking friends we can have a proper conversation, its brilliant!”

And then the next commenter gives one star and states, “I have proof that she told me to drop dead and go into a coma. After my good friend was in a coma and passed away, I do not think it is something to joke about. It is disgusting and very offensive.”

So where’s the truth? Maybe somewhere in the middle. But where there is smoke, there is fire…and sometimes it’s just best to avoid a potentially bad app by spending a little extra time and looking at ALL the comments.

Read more posts by Robert Siciliano, Online Security Expert to McAfee and blogger for JenningsWire.

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