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Danger: Wireless Toilets Next On Hackers’ List

Just about anything wireless is hackable today.

Everything—from PCs to mobiles to tablets to home automation devices to pacemakers to insulin dispensers and even cars—are hackable.

And now “smart” toilets.

CNET reports, “[Smart] toilets can be controlled using an Android app, but the Bluetooth PIN is hard-coded to ‘0000.’ Just knowing that code number means the awesome power of the Satis (toilet) could fall into evil hands. All a hacker would have to do is download the My Satis app, get in range, pair it to the toilet using the code and flush away.”


As we rely more and more on wireless communication, it is important to keep your wireless devices secure from hackers bent on flushing your data out. (That was bad.) Anyway…

  • Be smart about what kind of data you transmit on a public wireless connection. Limit your transmission of critical data and use secure sites, ones where “HTTPS” appears in the address bar. These sites have additional encryption built in.
  • Don’t store critical data on a device used outside the secure network. I have a laptop and an iPhone. If they are hacked, there’s no data on either device that would compromise my identity or financial security.
  • Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth on your mobile when you’re not using them. An unattended device emitting wireless signals is very appealing to a criminal hacker.
  • Beware of free WiFi connections. Anywhere you see a broadcast for “Free WiFi,” consider it a red flag. It’s likely that free WiFi is being used as bait.
  • Beware of evil twins. Anyone can set up a router to say “T-Mobile” “AT&T Wireless” or “Wayport.” These connections may appear legitimate but are often traps set to ensnare anyone who connects to it.
  • Keep your mobile security software and operating system updated. Make sure your security software is automatically updated and your operating system’s critical security patches are up to date.

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