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How to Achieve Inspired Results


We want to achieve them in all areas of our lives—in business, in health, in fitness, in career, even in relationships. We have dreams and goals, and we want the actions we take to realize them actually turn into results.

How do we ensure that we achieve results on a regular basis? It can be difficult to do so when we don’t feel motivated.

Passion + Purpose = Inspiration

My equation for achieving results with my clients begins with finding two important pieces of information: their passion and their purpose. Most people feel passionate about something. I’m not talking about simply enjoying basketball or liking dogs. I’m talking about buying yarn by the box load and knitting everywhere and anytime you have a moment free or driving everyone you meet crazy with your constant lobbying to stop the slaughter of ex-race horses. These are passions—things so close to your heart or mind you feel they are part of you and that you can’t stop yourself from doing.

Embedded within your passion typically lies a sense of purpose—yes, even with knitting. Somewhere inside you feel you have a mission to accomplish. Your soul whispers to you—or yells—to get involved. You feel compelled to take action in some way.

A purpose could look like a unique gift you have to give the world. Maybe you are extremely good at cooking, listening to others, writing, or caring for the elderly. Your purpose might lie in these areas as well if you also feel passionate about or compelled to do these activity or use these gifts in some way.

If you get in touch with your purpose and acknowledge it—really admit your soul is pushing you to fulfill your potential in a specific way during this lifetime, and then combine that purpose with your passion, something amazing happens. Inspiration overwhelms you. Before, you simply felt passionate about what you were doing. Now, you are inspired.

Taking Inspired Action

When you feel inspired, your soul speaks to you creatively, sending you amazing messages about what you can do to manifest your dreams and realize your goals. You receive sudden impulses to do something, call someone, go somewhere. Ideas flow to you easily and effortlessly and often, sometimes so fast you can’t keep up.

If you then take inspired action, you achieve inspired results. Intuition and synchronicity put you in the right place at the right time. If you carry through on your ideas, you find them perfectly targeted. You are in the flow.

From this place of inspiration, motivation becomes a forgotten problem. You eagerly take action to realize your dreams and achieve your goals.

Today, take some time to get inspired.

Discover your passion by answering these questions:

  • What one or two things do you do, think about, get involved in that are so close to your heart or mind you feel they are part of you?
  • What can’t you stop yourself from doing?

Discover your purpose by answering these questions:

  • What do you feel compelled to do in the world?
  • What unique gifts do you have that you intuitively feel you want to use to help others or put to use?

If you could combine your passion and your purpose, what would you do?

Would this activity feel inspiring to you?

Try closing your eyes and imagining yourself doing this activity. Do you hear a Still Small Voice whispering ideas? Do you start to visualize your next inspired action step? Do you begin to feel a flutter in your stomach of excitement? If not, repeat the exercise until you find an activity that brings with it these types of sensations.

Everyone has a purpose in this lifetime. And everyone can find something about which they feel passionate. Combine your passion and your purpose and you always will achieve inspired results.


Nina Amir is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.

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