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No One Tells You How

As a small business owner I hope you will choose to tell people how!

In your business choose to be the kind that tell people how to do a thing and where to find the information they need to be successful. A good business person does not place themselves into position where all their goods are locked up tight. You have the wonderful ability to be an open book allowing for new life to enter your business by openly discussing the “how” in every form. Being business minded takes work.

There must be effort, work, dedication, passion and drive.

The “how” evolves you as a company. When you examine the how for yourself you see the contentment and abundance that comes with examining the wreckage of the places in which your business failed to work. You must look at “how” things have worked, and how they missed the mark.

This information is vital because it tells you how to be a company of integrity and how to give insight in telling others how to do the same. As a certified life coach I am always amazed at how many people are are look to the “expert” to just tell them how. We open ourselves to it when we place our shingle on the door. The way you can do this with ease is to come up with a process and journey to get your client to their desired end with the least bit of resistance, pain, and confusion.

People want to know “how” what and who you are selling can work for them.

The “why” is not as important because they are there in your presence and that is the very answer to that, but the “how is powerful. It is powerful because it unlocks creativity. It will make you more vulnerable, but there is plenty to go around. To tell them “how” you make your product, “how you assemble the ingredients, “how” to a step by step get them to their next level is genius. Give them referrals that furthers their process in your “how.” It would be revolutionary! Put the how on your website, on your postcards, and in all you do. were once on the sidelines of learning too!

People will engage, buy more, invest greater with people who are open to sharing because they care about the client that they came to serve more than they do about staying face. The “how” is a ticket to freeing yourself and making whatever your business is above those who would traditionally do it better than you because you told your client how! For those that have service businesses this could be scary..especially if they want to do what you do, but that is why it is crucial that you say it first and louder. The innovation in business is our expression to the customer…HOW?  Be a business that tells the “how” before you are ever asked.

DaRhonda Williams is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.

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