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Podcast: Mindful Business Practices

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Mindful Business PracticesLauren Liebowitz is a Business Dynamo and Creator of Mindful Business Practices™ who will discuss how to spark the full potential of happiness waiting within so that you can embrace and focus on your deepest desires in business and gain enjoyment out of life.

Mindful Business Practices

  • What are some of the benefits/results of working with the “Business Dynamo’?
  • What differentiates Mindful Business Practices™ from traditional business methods?
  • How does happiness equate to having a successful business or living an abundant life?
  • What is an effective approach to selling?
  • Can you share some Business Dynamo tips with our listeners?

If you would like to change your perspective on what a successful life is and lead a more conscious life professionally and personally then you only have to remember two words. Lauren Liebowitz. You may email Lauren, the Business Dynamo at Learn more about what it takes to be …”comfortable in your OWN shoes”. Listen to some amazing podcasts on Lauren’s web site

Listen Here:

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