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Silencing The False Voice

As different as our lives may be from one another, there is a constant we all share and that is the “false” voice of negativity.

This voice tempts us with doubt and fear by whispering ever so slightly messages meant to take us from the truth of who we are.

According to the particular religion, faith, or philosophy, this voice is given a variety of names. In my world, I refer to it as the voice of the “ego mind.” The ego mind is the part of us that believes we are all alone and less than who we truly are. It is the fractured sense of self that confuses and distracts us from our inner connection, peace, and a fulfilling happy life.

So how do we tune out this negativity and tune into positivity?

It’s simple…we make a deliberate choice to do so.

In every moment, we are empowered with the ability to select what we want to listen to and focus upon. We can allow our thoughts to run ramped leading us down a maze of feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, and fear or we can choose to direct our thinking in a way that serves us well.

In each of our lives there is some sort of struggle.

It could be dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, financial instability, a failing career, relationship problems, and/or health challenges. Whatever the particular issue or issues are in ones life, there is always the freedom to choose.

There is no question that in each of these scenarios it is an incredible hardship to experience. However, even in the midst of it, each person has the option to see it either as a horrible event or look for and focus on the good.

How can there be good in the hardship in our lives? Quite often, it is those situations that bring us to our knees that have the greatest opportunity for permanent positive change in our lives.

The next time you are tempted to follow the lead of the ego mind telling you “this is horrible, things will never get better, you are not good enough or worthy” take a firm stand!

Intentionally decide to think and focus upon a thought that creates a good feeling within you instead. By thinking uplifting, encouraging, and hope filled thoughts you have the power to extract the good from whatever storm you are in the middle of!


Bree Maresca-Kramer is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.



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