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The Bare Naked Life Without Resolutions

Resolutions are funny.

They mean that you have resolved in yourself to do something unintended but deemed necessary. Vow this year to never make a resolution again…instead live Bare Naked!  We must be intentional about our lives. We can resolve that right now we are awesome and will use this years to perfect the things that need growth, transformation, and execution and go after them with wisdom and the power of now.

Be naked in the facts that you don’t know all the answers and that some things have been hard on your journey in and through. Celebrate what you have accomplished up until now. Resolutions cause you to look at all the things that are wrong, missing and not enough…you are already amazing. Sure there is some places you are in need of the one thing that will make everything else ok; lose the extra turkey thighs, love more deeply, travel, create an exceptional life and business, have a marriage that makes others jealous etc.

You will have those things and more.

Not because you resolved to have them and set dates that are not easily achieved, but because your intention said that you will begin to be bare naked with yourself to see and do things differently.
Develop a time to brainstorm. This is the most creative act you can do to living a life authentically. Ask those that love you to help you dream again and to push you in the things you are doing and about to accomplish this year. Write it all down, and get it good in your heart, mind and spirit. Get no confirmation of the result from anyone. You alone know when something is bigger than you and will yield and extraordinary result.
Look at yourself. When you examine yourself, what do you see? Are you hiding? Are you sheltered from harm and therefore not living because you are afraid of your own shadow? Are you too alive to quietly hear the next step? Do you love yourself or can you not wear enough clothes to metaphorically cover the flaws. You have work to do inside. As for help, get a coach, a lifestyle designer, get a therapist, invest in prayer, learn to love yourself!
Look at the wreckage. This is a time to be taught. Let the wreckage other people have experienced from you help you grow and alter your position of compassion and humbleness. Be bold in the world equipped with new insight on how to handle the information the wreckage (and all the things that didn’t work) positioned you for. You should grow exponentially and financially because this was your focus. You can serve the people and business of your life better. Choose it now!
Evoke deliciousness in the process. You are supposed to be better in mind, body, spirit, soul, heart, and in the process love the access to experience. It is time you love who you are and who you are becoming. You should be so comfortable in your nakedness that you never notice you were naked.
Be Amazing, Be Daring, Be Bare Naked!
DaRhonda Williams is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, blogging community created by Annie Jennings.

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