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The Scary Thing About Entitlement Is…

It is funny how are our lives respond to the entitlement that is in our hearts based on the life we have been promised.

We have been promised something. The scary thing is that we desire these promises in our heart with all our being, looking for vices all along the way to handle the bigness it all.

The result leaves us in a great fear that we will never accomplish the promises we have been given. We have to believe that what we see is worth unveiling to a world that has no earthly vision of what you have inside you. Can you win? Can you rejoice with just a promise? And is a promise everything or shoved down in you in such a way where it amounts to nothing.

You have every right to feel the entitlement, but it is displaced under that word.

You don’t need an entitlement, but to assume the greatness that comes with the promise. An entitled person can sit with the promise doing nothing and gripe about the fact that something or somebody owes them something. And that those same somethings and somebodys are to blame for them not getting there.

What I know about you are not that little minded.

You know what is at stake. You have a promise that must be turned into dreams placed into action. Greatness lies in that place.  No good time exists to lose heart.  Many of us find ourselves doing too many things that result in the same fear. Nothing will be accomplished in the midst of so many unfocused things. Some things are just hobbies and talents.

Your heart longs for something that can encompass everything you were created for. It is time you know it. Know it not from the sidelines, but know it to where you see the execution of it because your were not afraid of the amazing result.

I personally cannot wait to live in your gift.

The promise that lives inside you is the gift you came to serve the world with and when you act in it and it lives through you..we will stand in awe of you. There is no entitlement big enough to hold you there. Learn to do it afraid!


DaRhonda Williams is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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