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Angela Ahbez Anderson

Angela Ahbez Anderson is the founder of Rebuilding Me, LLC and P.r.i.n.c.e.s.s. Charisma Savoir Faire, a nonprofit organization. She often juggled career and family, putting herself last on her to-do list. Through trial and error, she fought herself to rebuild herself, reviving herself to begin living her dreams. She knows that other women feel the same way, so she created programs to help them to avoid the pitfalls she experienced.

Educated at Duquesne University, Angela trained at WPXI-TV, and worked as a news anchor and reporter at WPTT-TV and KDKA-TV's satellite news channel. She relocated to New Jersey, and for the next 20 years, she became the voice for hundreds of on-air commercials. Additionally, she was spokesperson for Pfizer™, General Electric™, and Prudential™.

She is a certified New Jersey orator coach, voice talent and coach, and a member of the New Jersey school board. Angela is also a professional speaker.

Posts by Angela Ahbez Anderson:

  • Podcast: Speak With Charisma

  • September 4th, 2014
    Listen Here: Angela Ahbez Anderson is a motivational speaker and voice coach for women and girls, who has designed the program  “The Eloquent Charismatic Orator” which is a public speaking program for middle school [...]