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Carol Pilkington


With over 14 years training in Metaphysics and Astrology, Carol works with adults ages 40 and above that have achieved a certain level of career success but still feel unsatisfied. They sense they are here to make a difference but are not even sure what that difference is. She helps them to connect with their true purpose so they can be fully alive and full of joy.

Media: She is on the Board of Directors of the Sher School of Astrology and Metaphysics in Los Angeles, CA She’s been interview on numerous radio shows such as Lessons in Joy Full Living, host Kimberly Rinaldi; interviewed by Suzy Prudden, world renowned speaker, author, seminar leader, and radio show host, just to name a couple.

Awards: Carol has been nominated twice for Women Who Make a Difference through the Los Angeles Business Journal, 2009, 2011. Received the Women’s Mentor Advocate Award by NAFE (National Assoc, of Female Executives) Affiliate, For You Network.

Having had life changing experiences going all the way back to early childhood such as experiencing the state of non-duality and that which is beyond the physical realm, Carol has dedicated her life to learning and discovering how that experience can be lived and applied fully and more permanently in the world every day.

Through many direct experiences, she has discovered that the answers are and have always been within us and our task as evolving Beings is to find ways to access these answers. One of the oldest Zen traditions is asking essence questions and combining it with open verbal communication called partner assisted contemplation. Carol works with others that long to experience their own true nature and live from joy and with happiness that does not come from external stimulation.

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