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Carrie Herzner

Carrie Herzner is a published writer, focusing on creative non-fiction, memoir and personal essay, with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships and personal growth. Her latest project, Good Luck Bill--A Memoir, was released on October 11th, 2015. Her previous book, The Business of Beauty, was released on October 31st, 2014.

One of Carrie's passions is "connecting the dots." She enjoys the process of taking two or more ideas / thoughts / points of view and finding the common threads between them to come up with a unique solution. She applies this skill to her life and in her writing, and enjoys helping others navigate their own personal and professional journeys.

Posts by Carrie Herzner:

  • Podcast: How Does Childhood Shape The Ability To Love?

  • March 30th, 2016
    Listen Here: Today’s JenningsWire podcast guest is writer, Carrie Herzner, who when burdened by the suggestion that her genetics and upbringing were to blame for the failure of her marriage, chronicled her journey [...]