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Caterina Christakos

Caterina Christakos is the author of How to Write a Children's Book in 30 Days or Less and And Dreams Lost Along the Way. She is an avid blogger, certified hypnotist and NLP Practitioner. Caterina attended the University of Miami where she studied Marriage and Family Counseling. Born with Spina Bifida and Scoleosis, she realized at an early age that each and every day is a wonderful gift to be savoured. Her passion is finding new ways to reframe situations and helping others do the same through the use of various fun and enlightening mental shifts.

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Posts by Caterina Christakos:

  • Get Your Fright On When You Can!

  • October 28th, 2012
    My favorite holiday. As I sit here, sipping my pumpkin spice coffee and looking out at what we Floridians consider Fall, I am reminded that one of my all time favorite holidays is swiftly approaching – Halloween. [...]

  • Halloween Horror Nights and Life Lessons?

  • October 16th, 2012
    Halloween is here. Last night some friends of mine and I headed over to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Our whole intention was to have fun and to help a friend of ours from England experience Halloween [...]