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Cheya Thousand

In 2012, Cheya Thousand founded The DreamCatcher Firm Inc., in which, she is the Chief Creative Officer. The DreamCatcher Firm Inc., is a lifestyle consulting firm for Millennials. The company's mission is to, Empower & Educate Millennials to think outside the box, while setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for Life & Career. She currently prepares and delivers programs for high school students to get into college & college students get the job. The company facilitates interview prep workshops, resume workshops, career fair readiness and career transitioning from college. This June, The DreamCatcher Firm will be launching the DreamCatcher App, which will be a tool to educate and empower young people to take care of their mind, body & soul, through articles, journaling, free goal setting templates, & exclusive healthy recipes created by top chefs!

After working in retail for six years, Cheya, decided to attain her BA in Fashion Merchandising at LIM College in NYC. Upon graduating college in 2009, Cheya, began her career in the Macy's Store Management Executive Development Program. It was in this program Cheya, learned the foundation of leading & driving a team to achieve results, how to select & deveolp top talent. Over the course of her career at Macy's, Cheya, was promoted three times in three years. In her last role she was a Regional Talent Acquisition Manager for the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic regions. With over 10 years of retail hiring experience, predominantly working with Millennials for the last seven years. Cheya has been responsible for hiring and managing large groups of Millennials, over the course of her career, having hired over 300 executives & interns in the last four years for major retailers on the East Coast.

Posts by Cheya Thousand:

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  • June 12th, 2015
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