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Chrys Phillips


Originally from Australia, Chrys Phillips is a prolific author and novelist of the best-selling series of novels Magic Wars. The First edition book sold out worldwide, and has been nominated for awards. The eight books in the series has the first five book titles of: Revengeful Heart, They’re Gathering…, The Forgotten Soul, The Night Keeper and Compelling Love.

Chrys’s plays have been performed in full scale and mainstream theater productions. She began her studies at University and then continued with hands on experience writing editorial, advertising campaigns and articles for print media. Chrys has also been involved with radio as an announcer and copy editor. Another book series that is published worldwide is Chrys’s Never Say Can’t! youth motivational/inspirational books. This was also featured on the ISF- Ian Somerhalder Foundation website.

Now in Hollywood Los Angeles, the Magic Wars Book Series has been adapted to screen. Chrys has collaborated to write the screenplay of this worldwide loved book series, that is being discussed with major tv and cable networks. When not creating her books, theater scripts and developing her book/movie series, she is traveling the globe to attend her public speaking and writing events.

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