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Claire Butler

Claire Butler is a writer and a fine artist. Writing, for her, is as essential as breathing. While studying the art of screenwriting, Claire sat on the Board of Directors for the Greater Cincinnati Film Commission for 3 years.

She has two books in progress: "See you Next Tuesday," which is a collection of humorous short stories about her close, social network of friends who meet every Tuesday night.

Her other work is a memoir about her mother who was a fine artist, pianist and a lifelong victim of schizophrenia. "My Mother, My Child" focuses on the horrors of how electroshock therapy in the 1960's affected her mother's life, and that of her family.

Claire's introduction into the world of art began as a five-year old in Dayton, Ohio, sitting at her mother's feet while she worked at her easel. In 2007, Claire purchased and worked from a studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, which she named Gracely Gallery. She received her first painting commission in 2007, and countless others have followed. Claire Butler has had one private exhibition at a private country club in Cincinnati, and her work is openly exhibited to the public through the Pendleton Art Center of Cincinnati.

Claire's college education is ongoing, focusing on English, French, and art history. She has attended writing classes at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, the University of Cincinnati, and she studied humor writing at Ohio State University under the professorship of the late author, Michael Harden.

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