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Debra Dupree

Dr. Debra Dupree is President and Founder of Relationships at Work, Inc. Over the last 34 years, she has been fascinated with makes people tick in their relationships in business and at home. She became a therapist, a mediator, a professor and doctor of psychology. Now a public speaker and author.

Dr. Debra helps people recover from the drama and trauma in their lives obstacles that ultimately impact their bank account by mapping out a plan to discover a whole new way of “being” for stronger performance and increased earning potential in every aspect.

Posts by Debra Dupree:

  • Podcast: The Risky Business of Bad Bossing

  • The Risky Business of Bad BossingJune 5th, 2017
    Listen Here: Psychologist and founder of Relationships at Work, Inc,  Dr. Debra Dupree, who’s here to uncover the impact of bad bossing and what can be done about it.  The Risky Business of Bad Bossing What is [...]