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Elinor Robin, Ph.D.


Elinor Robin, Ph.D. is a Mediator, Trainer, and Writer whose area of expertise is professional and personal relationship conflict. As a mediator, Elinor helps married and divorcing couples, estranged families, business partners, co-workers, and communities discover better ways to look at, respond to, and overcome conflict.

As a mediation trainer, Elinor draws upon her wit, wisdom, revolutionary spirit, small business background, and extensive court system experience. If you want to transition through the divorce process with as little angst as possible visit www.AFriendlyDivorce.com.

If you want to become a mediator and join the ranks of the 11,000 professional mediators that have benefited from attending one of Elinor's Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediation Training Programs visit www.MediationTrainingGroup.com.

And, if you want to know more about Elinor Robin and how her 25 years of research and practice experience can help you visit www.ElinorRobin.com. Elinor's book "The 10-Minute Mediator: How to Manage Life's Fights and Feuds Before They Sabotage Your Sanity" will be published in March, 2013.

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