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Erica Duran


American Express Small Business Open Forum has dubbed Erica Duran as the “The Productivity Expert for Entrepreneurs”.

Erica Duran is a Freedom Based Lifestyle Design Coach and a Published Business Productivity Expert. She has a strong background in sales, marketing, technology and has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years.

At Erica Duran International (http://ericaduran.co) she mentors both new and established entrepreneurs and C-level executives from around the globe on how to escape the 9 to 5 society dictated lifestyle into one that is authentic to their dreams and goals and totally freedom based. Whatever freedom means to them.

For Erica, freedom meant selling her home and all her belonging except for her MacBook Air, day planner, juicer, some clothes and her dogs to take off on a life of traveling on long term “workcations” - working virtually from anywhere and being in total control of her time.

Erica Duran teaches her clients all her secrets of productivity and time mastery. She also works with them to simplify, organize, automate and virtualize every area of their business and life.

You will be amazed at how you can tweak your current business model to make it a virtual one. Or, maybe it is time to take that leap and explore a completely new industry!

Erica has over 100 published articles and is an expert contributor for AMEX Small Business Open Forum, Under 30 CEO, Ladies Home Journal, Moms In Charge, Marmalade Magazine, Secret Entourage, GoFireYourself.com, JenningsWire.com and more. 

She has been awarded with the Diamond Level Expert Author on EzineArticles.com and “The Top 5% of all Viewed Profiles” on LinkedIn.com.

Erica is an active raw vegan who is based in beautiful Newport Beach, California with her much loved dogs, but she escapes several times a year to live and work remotely in various locations around the globe.

Read more about Erica’s story and claim your free “7 Steps to Lifestyle Freedom Guidebook” at http://ericaduran.co

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