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Francine Barish-Stern

Francine Barish-Stern has been an award-winning writer since she was 13, and in 1998 she started Golden Quill Press, a cooperative publisher to help anyone who wanted to write, learn through classes, one on one tutoring , with editing and publishing, available. After almost 20 years she used those experiences to create How To Write Your Book: From An Idea...To Your Published Story, a 12 chapter step-by-step book, narrated by three cartoon type guides: the writer, editor and publisher, who can help anyone write their story. Francine Barish-Stern has helped writers of all ages, and from all backgrounds, publish their books. From novels to memoirs to historical fiction, she has worked with books across the board.

Posts by Francine Barish-Stern:

  • Podcast: How to Write Your Book

  • April 1st, 2020
    Listen Here:  Today’s guest is Francine Barish-Stern, an award-winning writer and Founder of Golden Quill Press, a cooperative publisher that helps anyone who wants to write, learn through classes, one [...]