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Francine Lederer, Psy.D.


Dr. Francine Lederer is a Clinical Psychologist and Life Transitions Specialist ™. She is the Founder & Owner of LA TALK THERAPY, providing Individual, Couples and Group Counseling all over Los Angeles County. Dr. Lederer has been featured in articles as an expert on stress, work-life balance, parenting, pregnancy, aging, caregiving, anxiety, depression, relationships and life transitions. She is a regular guest on 870 am radio “The Home Show” and blogs about human behavior and social issues. To learn more about Dr. Lederer and LA TALK THERAPY, visit us at http://www.latalktherapy.com

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Posts by Francine Lederer, Psy.D.:

  • The Mad Race To Where?

  • December 7th, 2012
    Picture a piece of cheese positioned nicely next to a mouse trap. Hundreds of mice are stomping over each other to get first dibs of that rich piece of Swiss cheese. Unfortunately, none of them know their fate that lies [...]