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Janna Lowell

Janna Lowell is an author, certified fitness professional and wellness advocate who's been featured teaching water aerobics on CBS, ABC and NBC news as well as VH1 Celebrity Fit Club and "E!" TV. An accidental athlete; she was enthralled early-on with dance and enthusiasm for the fitness industry, training in nutrition, applied kinesiology called 'Touch For Health' and Pilates. She quickly gravitated to the water when she experienced it's miraculous healing benefits for body and spirit. In her new book Noodles For Dumbbells - Water Exercise, Weight Management & More, Janna offers lot's of TIPS and TRICKS to overcome the metabolic breakdown that hastens the aging process. This book can help free you from the drudgery of yo-yo dieting and the misery of boring exercise routines while delivering a real and lasting lifestyle upgrade.

Posts by Janna Lowell:

  • Podcast: Fitness Through The Decades

  • December 2nd, 2013
    Listen Here: Janna Lowell is a fitness pro and a featured trainer on Extra, VH1 Celebrity Fit Club, E! TV and more. She is author of Noodles For Dumbbells – Water Exercise, Weight Management & More. In [...]

  • Podcast: Noodles For Dumbells – Discover The Power Of Water Exercise

  • July 24th, 2013
    Listen Here: Fitness pro and accidental athlete, Janna Lowell, is the author of “Noodles For Dumbbells, Water Exercise, Weight Management & More” In this JenningsWire podcast, Janna shares her best TIPS [...]