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Jennifer Aston

ART ON A WIRE is polished edge. It is an organically chic line of artisan jewelry created, hand worked & designed by Kentucky native, Jennifer Aston. Her creative inspiration comes from the beautiful yet strong women of Jennifer's Kentucky youth. In crafting her jewelry, Jennifer uses the finest quality leathers, carefully selected antique elements and thoughtfully chosen gem stones, accented in only the fine metals of gold, gold fill or Sterling Silver.

Each piece is designed to inspire the woman who wears it, reminding her of the undeniable truth that she is as elegant, organically beautiful, strong and eye-catching as the piece she is wearing.

Crafted exclusively in the USA, ART ON A WIRE is found in North America’s finer boutiques and art galleries nation wide: The Laguna Colony in Laguna Beach, Principessa in Los Angeles, Evolue` of Beverly Hills, Flight in Park City, Stella Blu of Birmingham, Tulipano in Atlanta and Posh in Nashville, TN all showcase the Art On A Wire collection.

Signature pieces from ART ON A WIRE include supple doe-skin cuffs in 40+ color choices and the exclusive line known as, Cuff By the Bangle - Sterling Silver and 14Karat gold cuffs codesigned by the indiviual who wears them. Rounding out the collection are the Sterling Silver and gold ‘convertible’ necklaces that can be worn two or more ways. And this is only the tip of the iceberg in her phenomenal collection!

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