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The Cookie Athletes


Jennifer Christiansen, Colette Marx, and Ali Banks have made themselves known as the Cookie Athletes. They declare that, “Sweat and sweets go hand in hand!” They like a pantry stocked with gourmet treats. Their recipe boxes are stuffed with all the best cookie recipes. They like dessert, and they love to workout (almost) every day. They find it easier to run three miles than pass on brownies. They workout so they can eat cookies, because that’s what Cookie Athletes do.

Jennifer Christiansen loves uphill bike rides. She believes water is magic and often says, “A good swim will cure what ails you”. For her the ultimate cookie is a big fat, soft sugar cookie with cream cheese frosting.

In her former life she was a copywriter. Nowadays she reads non-fiction, cooks weird food, and tries to get everybody to pick up their dirty socks off of the floor. Jennifer was recently talked into training for a marathon—bring on the cookies!

Colette Marx was raised as a Cookie Athlete. Instead of pablum her first food was cookies & milk. As a result she knows all of the best cookie recipes and cookie shops. She also dedicates every afternoon to her run.

This Cookie Athletes loves all things pink and girlie and well as the deepest, darkest chocolate chip cookies. That means Colette will only eat fruit-based desserts in a pinch. Peach cobbler and key lime pie–no way! Colette loves learning and is finishing her degree in bean counting.

If Ali Banks were crossing the desert, she would still manage to have cookies, candy, and treats aplenty. She’s a good Cookie Athlete to know because not only can she always hook you up with treats, but she also has the world’s best chocolate chip cookie recipe—and she shares.

This Cookie Athlete makes chocolate a daily ritual. She maintains a balance by doing aerobics, volleyball, and jogging. Ali burns extra calories because she does everything fast! You should see her type.

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