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Jill Greenbaum

Dr. Jill Greenbaum is an innovator in using visuals to coach teens during the college search. She began her career as a teacher for students with special needs in the NYC public school system, and became a principal and administrator. Her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in child psychology and special education, doctorate in curriculum development, and training in coaching form the foundation for her work.
Jill’s five step coaching system, accessible to all in her new book, How to Major in You and Find the Right College, encourages teens’ self-awareness, reduces anxiety, enhances self-esteem, and facilitates growth. She utilizes a strengths–based approach to help them understand themselves, meet challenges, and problem–solve.
Jill’s coaching style with parents shapes thoughtful conversations, elicits parents’ concerns and questions, and creates opportunities to share her expertise. Her mission is to help teens and their families experience the college admissions process as an adventure that is both successful and truly transformational for all.

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