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Katharine Halpin

Katharine Halpin is an Expert in Bringing Order to Chaos. If you feel overwhelmed or confused, Katharine has simple tools to bring clarity and focus quickly. If your team members don’t have each other’s backs, Katharine’s approaches can bring alignment quickly and strategically. If your company is not growing consistently, Katharine has tools to bring that growth organically and consistently in a very short timeframe using simple, practical tools.

Halpin has escaped twice – first from her dysfunctional family situation working for her Dad’s CPA firm starting at age 8 in Mississippi and then from her CPA career where she only survived, never thrived.

Since 1995 she has been thriving by serving as a Strategic Thinking Partner to leaders in organizations of all sizes and complexities around the US and in Europe. Through these important conversations, Katharine has developed a variety of tools to help people bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues by bringing order to chaos.

Posts by Katharine Halpin:

  • Podcast: Bring Order To Chaos At Work

  • June 10th, 2015
    Listen Here: Katharine Halpin is the CEO and founding principal of The Halpin Companies, and an expert in bringing order to chaos. She works with CEOs, leaders and their teams. Katharine is the author of Alignment [...]