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Kooch N. Daniels


Kooch N. Daniels, M.A., is a heart-felt intuitive who co-hosts NuLife Radio, a Tarot Guild Radio blogtalk radio show that interviews leading tarot and energy workers.

Her interest in esoteric traditions motivated her to travel to India to study palmistry, and this experience mixed with obtaining her degree in psychology was a turning point in becoming a professional reader. She has traveled the world giving many thousands of reading to both those down on their luck and others experiencing fame and fortune.

Her work includes being lead author for Tarot D’ Amour (Redwheel Weiser 2003) and writing Tarot Reports (ACS 1987), a computerized program that generates readings. She’s also author of The Art And Magic Of Palmistry.

Early this year, The Theater of Karma, her romantic occult novel that devotes each chapter to a major arcana archetype was published (Tarot Media Co.), and she wrote an e-book called The Sacred Wisdom Of The Planets.

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