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Marcia Harp, M.A.


Marcia Harp is an award-winning performer and choreographer, including a Los Angeles Dramalogue Award. She has performed in numerous theatrical productions from New York to California, including being a soloist with The Palm Springs Follies.

She now performs in her recently acclaimed one woman show as well as motivating hundreds of students with her unique style of teaching.

In addition to television and film she has had her own radio talk show. Recently, Marcia received two nominations for Best Lead Performer by The Desert Theatre League. As she competed against herself, she won! Marcia Harp has degrees from Ohio State and San Francisco State Universities along with being an AAU World Champion Power Lifter.

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Posts by Marcia Harp, M.A.:

  • I Didn’t Attend the Awards

  • October 15th, 2012
    I won!? I won the best lead performer/actress award…again!? And I didn’t attend the awards.  It’s 11pm and I am getting all these phone calls from people who care and want to congratulate me and I didn’t attend [...]

  • Sometimes… Big Girls Do Cry

  • October 9th, 2012
    What?  You didn’t renew my domain name!  What? It will cost how much?  What?  My car is leaking oil? What?  The garage door won’t open?  What? I need a crown on my tooth? What?  The plane has been delayed?  [...]

  • Now What? At 60, 70, 80, 90, or even 100?

  • September 28th, 2012
    I’m a senior? Hey, what about me?!!!  I’m so on top of it, I just won an AAU World Champion Powerlifting competition. Wow! In fact, I set 10 world records.  In what category you ask? Old and little!  So, [...]