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Melissa G. Wilson

Melissa G Wilson is the author of 14 prior books before she began authoring The Shy Town Girls. Her latest business book, Networking is Dead: Making Connections Matter, was co-written in the parable style of Ken Blanchard’s One Minute series, and endorsed by Ken. She co-authored this book with the ex-head of leadership for American Express. Four of Melissa’s books have been on bestseller lists, including Networlding, that held a top ten Amazon spot for a year. When Networlding came out in 2000 she named her company after the book and three years ago formed Networlding Publishing based on her expertise and passion for “books that make the world better.”

Her project for Shy Town Girls extends to her philanthropic passion to help young men and women get better starts in their careers Here she is working with three young women teaching them how to write and publishing successfully. Together they are co-authoring a series about shy but brave young women searching for love and career success in Chicago.

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