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Naseem Ahsun and Jennie Caswell

Jennie Caswell is a psychotherapist who believes that everyone can be treated in an individual, unique special way. She has extensive experience in humanistic therapies and is also a qualified, passionate teacher with many years of experience, including adult education.

Naseem Ahsun is an experienced, qualified teacher who is passionate about motivating and supporting teenagers and young adults in recognizing their potential. She has over a decade of experience in successfully supporting teens through the stressful exam and school system.

Posts by Naseem Ahsun and Jennie Caswell:

  • Podcast: Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress

  • March 26th, 2016
    Listen Here: Stress-busting authors of the new book, The Laid Back Guide to Exams and Stress, Psychotherapist Jennie Caswell and Teacher, Naseem Ahsun, provide teens and  young adults with a treasure trove of tools to [...]