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Pamela McMurtry

Pamela McMurtry LOVES holidays, family, nature and reading and grew up with one foot on the beach and the other in the library. She created games and Halloween scenes to entertain her younger sisters and brothers, studied art and interior design in college and has catered or helped with three hundred events. She taught folk art classes at a local college and cooking and entertaining classes. Pamela has written three holiday and entertaining books, her latest is A Harvest and Halloween Handbook.

Posts by Pamela McMurtry:

  • Podcast: Fall Fun For The Whole Family!

  • October 10th, 2013
    Listen Here: Pamela McMurtry is the author of A Harvest and Halloween Handbook and event maven! From organizing to décor to food, Pam does it all! Fall Fun For The Whole Family! What are your favorite ways to [...]