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Pamela Muller

Pamela Muller is the founder of WisdomOfDreams.com, the one-stop site for understanding your dreams. She is a joyful and passionate dream coach and interpreter who is not afraid to go deep into the soulful matter of dreams. target="_blank">WisdomOfDreams.com, become a highly rated dream expert on Just Answer.com, and hosted a successful and growing dream community in Atlanta, Georgia. Using her background in education, Pamela teaches workshops, hosts dream groups, and works with individuals to help her clients find their own resolution to life’s problems using dreams.

Posts by Pamela Muller:

  • Podcast: How Dreams Can Help During The Holidays

  • November 26th, 2013
    Listen Here: Dream Coach Pamela Muller is the founder of WisdomofDreams.com. In this podcast, Pamela reveals how to tap into your own intuition & solve real life problems by paying attention to your dreams. Times [...]