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Patricia Weber


Patricia Weber is a Coachville graduate and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. She is a courage coach for reluctant marketers and internationally recognized introvert authority, helps people motivated for change, to discover their personal breakthrough for ultimate success with her eBooks, teleclasses, workshops, coaching.

Patricia has been featured in numerous publications such as Entrepreneur and Training, She knows what it takes to be successful and happy being authentic to an introvert style and has shared secrets in her eBook and Kindle book, The Happy and Fulfilled Introvert: I Show You How to Make This Your Reality.

Serving clients around the world since 1990, Patricia Weber's expertise and experiences with introverts and shy, is in Sales, Presentations, Marketing, Leadership, and in particular Networking. She combines 30 years of practical and successful sales and management experience to help clients achieve results.

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