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Ruth Marimo

Born in Zimbabwe, Ruth Marimo has travelled the world, gaining insight and deep appreciation for the plight of the illegal immigrant. She has gained her understanding not through academic research, but through personal experience.

In her memoir OUTsider, Marimo details her experience living under the shadows of being illegal in a foreign country, surviving domestic violence in an interracial marriage, and the daily struggles to survive as a healthcare worker, a wife and mother. Complicating matters Marimo had denied her identity as a lesbian woman having been raised in a deeply homophobic society.

OUTsider is a must read for people interested in immigration policies and LGBTQ civil rights. With the current Anti-Homosexuality Act signed into law in Uganda, Africa, Marimo’s voice and experience is a beacon of hope for those fearful of standing up for their own identity or for someone they love.

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