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Siah Fried

Siah Fried holds a BS in Health Science and an MPH with an emphasis in school and community health. She has worked as a health educator in various health care settings from public health clinics to major HMOs. She has had the opportunity to teach people of all ages, healthy living classes such as smoking cessation, weight management and stress management. She continues to go into elementary schools to inspire children to make healthy lifestyle choices with her business Healthy Starts. She and her husband are busy parenting their three kids ages six through sixteen.

As a health and nutrition professor at a local community college, Ms. Fried continues to research and educate people of all ages about health. Her first book, Tales from Swankville: The Town May Be Fictional but The Problem Is For Real, was inspired by conversations and essays by college students regarding the unhealthy amount of pressures on them to reach a level of success in academics, musical or athletics that in reality is not achievable without a very high price.

Her second book, Persuasive Push vs. Shameless Shove: A New Parenting Paradigm outlines ten steps that are intended to help some families avoid the pitfalls of well meaning “shoves” that can stand in the way of a joyful connected family experience.

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