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Steve Goldstein

Steve Goldstein, a 25-year veteran of consumer public relations and marketing, has authored hundreds of press releases and articles for a variety of national brands. He never thought, however, that one day he’d be writing his own story. A story about a harsh detour that landed him in the rocks of what he considers the most insidious disease known to humankind. Today he joins us as the author of Dunwoody Journal, his outrageously written yet poignant book about caregiving to a once proud mother, struck down by the scourge of Alzheimer’s. There have been many books written on the subject, but never one written from such a unique and, at times, surprisingly humorous perspective.

Posts by Steve Goldstein:

  • Podcast: Dealing With A Loved One With Alzheimer’s

  • Podcast: Dealing With A Loved One With Alzheimer'sJuly 26th, 2018
    Close to 16 million family members now find themselves in the challenging, often exasperating, role as a primary ‘caregiver’ to a Loved One afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Our guest, Steve Goldstein was such a person, [...]