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DOES THE FLY-BY OF PLUTO MATTER TO OUR LIVES?By now, everyone knows that a fly-by of Pluto occurred on July 14th, 2015.

A spacecraft reached this orbiting body at the far outskirts of our solar system, and sent back wonderfully detailed pictures revealing for the first time a lovely vast heart-shaped pattern on its surface and particulars such as ice mountains.  Was it sending us a love note, even though we had previously demoted its status from full member of our planetary solar system to that of a dwarf planetoid?

Astrologers, having dealt with the effects of the placement of Pluto in clients’ horoscopes as far back as its discovery in February 1930 by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, know Pluto’s astrological influence to be profound, powerful and deep (i.e., anything but dwarf, as in minor or insignificant).  It would be natural to surmise that this up-close-and-personal encounter might have ramifications beyond pure astro-physics.

Pluto, god of the underworld, rules such things as psychology and weapons of mass destruction.  Its influence in a horoscope can speak of periods when the person is undergoing a deep psychological transformation, often precipitated by trauma or crisis, and it also refers to buried and hidden matters that are forced to the surface so that the “dirt” can be cleansed through the process of greater awareness.  In unscrupulous people, Pluto’s effects may bring forth violence, abuse, or connection to shady individuals, but in more evolved persons, Pluto’s effect can bring great insights, positive change in behavior and values, and ultimately a strong sense of empowerment.  Therefore, Pluto and the sign it rules, Scorpio, have been symbolically related to the phoenix myth of death and rebirth from one’s own ashes.

In our history, for millennia we were unaware of the outer planets in the solar system because we had not yet invented devices such as telescopes that could enhance normal vision.  And so we were constrained by what the naked eye could see in the night sky, the outermost planet of which was Saturn, the ringed planet, thus long called in metaphysics “the Ring-Pass-Not”.  This designation symbolized a limitation on our knowledge and a boundary on our grasp of the transcendent nature of the universe.

However, with the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s, Uranus was discovered in 1781 by William Herschel, coinciding with electricity and revolution.  And then Neptune was discovered in 1830 by his son John Herschel, coinciding with film, anesthesia, paranormal research and spiritual development.  Each of these planetary detections brought a change in our interaction with the world as well as in our consciousness.  As I mentioned, Pluto’s discovery did so as well after 1930.  For example, Pluto rules the masses, the bomb, and psychology.

So we can be sure that our actual physical near-encounter with the planet itself will usher in another era of deep transformation to ourselves, to our nation, and to the world, because nothing has been found to be more potent than little Pluto!

In great coincidence, the Pluto fly-by has occurred near our nation’s birthday of July 4th, thus opposing the Sun in the U.S. horoscope, a pattern of deep pressure to undergo transformation. It has also reached the mid degree of the sign of Capricorn – usually a significant turning point regarding the makeover of large intuitions and government.  Therefore, we’re in the thick of profound changes to our entire structure as a nation – i.e., a challenge to our constitution.  And we are undergoing the peak of testing in that regard.

The connection between the Pluto fly-by, the images that we are now able to see, and the profundity of challenge we are undergoing as a nation and a society is more than coincidence.  Is this intelligent design?  America’s symbol is the eagle, one of the clearest references to our evolved aspect, the phoenix, which can resurrect itself in more potent form after its demise.  Pluto is sending a love note to us on Earth, perhaps most especially to America.  We’re experiencing intense change, and we are being assured that we will come out of this transformed and better for it.

From Pluto, with love,

Your very distant cousin.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


The post is presented by the National Publicist, Annie Jennings of the NYC based PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR.  Annie Jennings PR specializes in marketing books for getting authors booked on radio talk show interviews, TV shows in major online and in high circulation magazines and newspapers. Annie also works with speaker and experts to build up powerful platforms of credibility and influence.


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