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Searching For The Needle In The Haystack Experts For PR Bookings

Needle In The Haystack PRThat’s right. Those top level authors and experts who wish to go even higher in their careers.

They are perfect for our ongoing news talk radio guest opportunities.  These experts are the ones we can book right now as regular news guests.

To qualify you’ll need to have previous media experience, credentials in your area of expertise and are at the level of your career where being a regular breaking news expert is your next big prestigious step.

Annie Jennings PR has available bookings for ongoing radio talk show spots that are broadcast across the country via nationally syndicated brand name radio networks. The interviews are phoners (make it extra easy for you) and fall under Annie’s famous pay for placement publicity program (you only pay for what you get – we don’t charge any fees for trying – we only accept payment for actual confirmed media bookings that air).  Authors and expert LOVE that Annie works this way!

The Annie Jennings PR clients are trusted and booked by the media because the firm is trusted and respected by the media.

Annie Jennings PR is a trusted brand name in the media industry and often gets needle in the haystack, once in a lifetime, opportunities for her experts.  You definitely want to be on our radar so we can call you when something big breaks that’s just right for you.

If you think you are one of the top experts in your field and want to be considered as a guest on the biggest of the big media, let me know by filling out this form.  We will be in touch ASAP!

If this media opportunity is not right for you, but you are totally connected with experts who might be looking for these top level media bookings, you might want to be an affiliate and earn income from your referrals. Let me know right here.




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