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Five Star Workplace

Five Star WorkplaceEver wonder why it is tough to return to work after a five star vacation?

Think of the courtesy and service anyone receives when visiting a classy hotel.  Visitors are greeted kindly “How was your flight…” or “May I help you with your bags?”  The concierge will look for places to visit and offer directions.  Housekeeping will turn down the pillow and leave a chocolate.  Everyone typically has a smile on his or her faces, and visitors leave considering a return stay. The entire experience is MORE than civil.

What would a five star workplace look like?  Colleagues and customers would smile as you enter the door.  Workers say please and thank you.  All people in the workplace have a smile on their faces and seem genuine about everyone being engaged in the experience.

The summer months bring a time for many people to get away from the daily grind.  However whether one visits around the corner or around the world, the courtesy and kindness people experience on vacation play a large part in the relaxation and relief when they unwind.  Some readers may chime in and state that tips and fees bring that smile and courtesy on vacation; however in the workplace, everyone is being paid too.  So think again… the workplace also should be a place, which engages people.

Here is a tip for anyone, despite the extravagance of their respective vacations. As we all go back to work, consider taking a five star attitude back to the office.  Please and thank you are more than courtesy. The smile opens doors, forms collaborations and motivates people to engage in the task.  A little five star civilities can help people reengage in the upcoming year.


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