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Are You Frustrated in Business?

Are You Frustrated in Business?Life has a way of putting you in a vice and squeezing.

For many people that squeezing makes them quit, for others it can cause depression and yet for others it can cause frustration. Between the three, frustration is far worse.  Why because a person that quits won’t return to the pressure, a person that is depressed doesn’t have the will to return to the pressure but a person that is frustrated will keep trying only to become more frustrated.  It’s like the old story of dangling a carrot in front of a horse, yet keeping it out of reach.  The horse keeps trying to eat that carrot but it just doesn’t happen.  If you feel like that horse keep reading.

Frustration is not all bad.  It has a great virtue – diligence.  The fact that you can fight through your frustration and keep going is a good thing.  The problem with people that operate in a state of constant frustration is that they don’t know how to re-evaluate the cause of their frustration to see if there is a better path or if their time could be spent better elsewhere.  Some would say that living in a constant state of frustration is insanity.  The most basic definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting to get different results and it never happens.  Think of Dory in Finding Nemo.

If you are frustrated stop and assess the situation.

Look at it from every angle you can imagine and then say to yourself is this the best path for my time and effort?  Then weigh out the pros and the cons and see if the path that you are on is worth continuing.  In some cases you will find that you need to change direction, other times you will find that you need to persevere.  However the difference between persevering now, as opposed to being constantly frustrated is that you have taken time to re-evaluate the situation.  In doing so you have found something that merits perseverance.  That path should lead to satisfaction or your goal achieved which is the opposite of frustration.

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