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I Want Candy . . .

You know the feeling.

The feeling that something good is going to happen.

That all your troubles are going to disappear . . .

If only you could have some candy.

Opps, I meant clients.

New clients and plenty of them.

If you are finding the well a little bit dry, perhaps you need to amp up your promotional power.

Hey, if they don’t know all about you, how can the use your services?

But the big question is, how do you get more candy?

It’s about your outreach.

You have to step in front of your new clients.

You have to be where they are.

You need videos about your services. Short, expertly produced, promotional videos of the highest quality.

You need be the guest on radio talk interview shows, get booked on TV shows and get quoted in the media.

And you have to be sure your target clients know what you do, why you do it and how what you do can help them.

Working with Annie is like getting more CANDY!  Our publicity firm offers one of the finest PR experiences in publicity. Our professional publicists have established relationships in the media that go back many years. Annie’s clients enjoy access to the media as never before.

Our services include the #1 radio campaign in the industry that guarantees interviews on high-powered, high-impact shows in the Top 35 markets and on the nationally syndicated shows. This radio campaign includes unlimited media training with one of the top radio media trainers in the country.

Our services include impressive media bookings on prestigious TV, in print and online.

Be sure to ask Annie about her famous pay for placement publicity campaign that includes the opportunity for you to create a highly selective campaign with only the creme de la creme of media bookings that helps you reach your goals.

Annie’s creative team produces gorgeous videos just perfect for your new media outreach strategy. These videos are so well-priced that you can buy an entire series for yourself. Nice.

Annie Jennings is the creator of JenningsWire as well as a national publicity expert who can book radio talk shows, TV shows,  print and online media.


The online feature magazine, JenningsWire.com, is created by National PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR that specializes in providing book promotion services to self-published and traditionally published authors. Annie Jennings PR books authors, speakers and experts on major high impact radio talk interview shows, on local, regionally syndicated and national TV shows and on influential online media outlets and in prestigious print magazines and newspapers across the country.