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Podcast: Cutting Edge SEO Strategy

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Phillip Alexeev is a digital marketing consultant, startup mentor, as well as founder and CEO of Pro-Motions Marketing Inc., a boutique digital marketing consulting agency, specializing in Organic and Paid Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

In this podcast, Phillip shares the latest SEO concepts that can increase your search rankings and improve the visibility of your site.

Cutting Edge SEO Strategy

  • What are the main aspects of optimizing a website to appear well in search engines?
  • What is a clean URL structure? Why should you fix or redirect broken links and 404 errors?
  • How do you make the most of YouTube?
  • What is google authorship? Why does being active in Google+ translate into better search engine rankings?
  • How do websites acquire high quality inbound links?

To learn more about digital marketing consultant, Phillip Alexeev, please visit his website at Pro-Motions.org.You can also google “pro-motions marketing minute” to find the latest digital marketing tips tricks and updates in a convenient, easy to follow, video format.

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